Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants


Valuation and consulting services that we regularly provide to our clients include:

Probate & Estate Planning
We regularly work with attorneys, accountants, and executors in valuing real estate assets. We are familiar with estate taxes and have also worked with Probate Referees.
Lease and Rent Negotiation and Arbitration
We often are asked to assist in establishing market rent and settling rent disputes. We are also familiar with current lease terms and regularly conduct rent surveys.
Litigation Support
We review appraisal reports, consider alternative courses, and help in framing the central valuation issues to be addressed. Further, we work with attorneys in preparation for cross examination of other witnesses.
Partial and Fractional Interests
We are familiar with the concepts involved in discounts for fractional or partial undivided interests in common. We often are asked to help in the determination of the size of the interest so as to maximize the benefits.
Expert Witness
Testifying in court is probably the most visible activity of appraisers relating to legal matters. Our principals are known in the local courts for their objective and supportable opinions.
Lot Line & Easement Disputes
Often property owners are involved with neighbors in disputes over parcel boundaries and easements. Experienced valuation can provide the vehicle for solution of these issues.
Condemnation Proceedings
Eminent Domain is a special area of the law. It is equally a special area of property valuation. Our principals are experienced in the subtleties of condemnation valuations.
In this era of full disclosure in real estate sales contracts, failure to disclose can result in litigation. We are familiar with the concepts in damage measurement and have experience with this type of valuation.
Portfolio Review & Management
We provide counsel to individuals, non-profits, and businesses regarding real estate assets. We assist in answering questions regarding holding, leasing, selling, buying, and changing use.
Casualty Loss
We have experience working within the guidelines and valuation criteria used by the IRS and FTB in assessing value impacts due to casualty loss.
Lender Valuations
We provide valuation services to local, regional, and national real estate lenders for mortgage underwriting purposes. We are experienced with lender valuation and reporting requirements.
Assessment Appeal
We have experience working with assessor's office professional staff in negotiating property tax assessments. And, if necessary, we are prepared for the formal appeal process including hearings.
Construction Cost Estimates
We develop replacement and reproduction cost estimates for establishing insurance coverage and other purposes.
Title Defects
We are retained by title insurance companies and property owners to assist with the assessment of value impacts associated with defects in title.
Special Purpose Properties
Over the years we have been retained to appraise unusual properties such as Saint Anthony's Seminary, El Paseo y Casa de la Guerra, the YMCA, and a variety of other public buildings including schools, churches, convalescent hospitals, and entertainment venues.
Historic Properties
Like Special Purpose Properties, Historic Properties require special valuation attention. We have valued historic adobes, Victorian era homes and commercial properties, and other properties of historic interest.